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[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

BLOUSE: (c/o) The Kooples via Sawgrass Mills – this one is cool, too!/JEANS: Love these!/BLAZER: (c/o) Citizen’s Mark/HAT, SATCHEL, BOOTIES: (c/o) Sole Society

Earlier this week, I met with a friend for coffee in Palm Beach. Our date was first thing in the morning so naturally, I rushed to get ready because I’m not a morning person. I figured afterwards I would stop by some of my favorite consignment stores to see what’s new. Side note, Palm Beach is known for having some of the BEST consignment stores in the country.

As I parked my car, I paused and assessed my outfit. “Hmm,” I thought “doesn’t feel 100% me.” You could clearly tell I rushed to get ready. Which, I get it, is A-OK in some situations. But not if you live in a small town like me. And you’re a “fashion” blogger. Every time I leave my apartment, I say hi to someone – whether it be my neighbor, friend, former client – you can’t hide in a small town like West Palm Beach.

Feeling a little embarrassed, I rushed back home after our coffee date and changed. And this what I put together! I liked it so much, I decided to shoot it (and, while I was at it, do some more shopping… yes, I’m a #shopaholic. Not sorry.)

I wore a silk blouse with distressed denim. My booties, hat and satchel are from Sole Society.

My suede booties are the kind of shoes you can wear every single day, no matter the occasion. My hat is the perfect thing to wear when you want to hide from girlfriends (which I’m sure you all do when you’ve found the perfect accessory on SALE, like this vintage Céline scarf, and you want the rest of the sale bin all to yourself). Don’t worry, Sole Society has a great selection of scarves too. Click here for more!

And my satchel? Well. It’s perfect. Classic and structured. Elegant; great for everyday wear. Did I mention how roomy it is? Yep. Just snap open the accordion sides to accommodate your impulse purchase of like, ten vintage scarves and you’re good to go. At least they were on sale!

The thought process behind this look? A group of must-have items (e.g. the perfect blazer, the coolest hat, the best-fitting pair of jeans you can’t live without, the comfiest booties) that give an off-duty look that’s super appropriate for shopping in Palm Beach and/or hiding running from into a friend. It’s fashion-forward without trying too hard.

Shop today’s fab-u-lous accessories from Sole Society below! Happy Saturday everyone!

Xo, Stephanie


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