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Whenever I was bored, I used to rifle through my mom’s things. Who didn’t? I would spend hours and hours going through her costume jewelry, trying on her shoes and belts (some of which I still wear today!) examining her collection of blazers and jackets from the early 90s until she would find me hiding underneath an obscene pile of clothing and say, “Stephanie! What are you doing?! What is this mess?!”

But there was one particular drawer that I loved the most…

The one filled to the brim with her beautiful silk scarves… some chic… some classic… some small… some large. I would drape them over my shoulders, wear them tied in a ponytail or wrapped around my neck, as belts, etc. In my mind, her scarves were the most beautiful ones I had ever seen.

Flash forward to living in Palm Beach where women are sophisticated and glamourous. And a beautiful crafted scarf never fails to be the perfect accessory to top off a polished outfit, like an all-white look for the weekend or a shift dress for a luncheon. Leave it to the women of Palm Beach to inspire me…yet again… to wear silk scarves.

Today I tie scarves around the handles of my bag. Around my wrists. In my hair. Whenever my outfits call for something “extra,” I wear a scarf. So at this point, it should come as no surprise that I love silk scarves more than any other accessory in my wardrobe.

This week, Talbots is celebrating their 70th anniversary. As a toast, they’ve created a capsule collection of iconic pieces – one for each decade in their story – that not only represent the best of their time, but remain timeless as well.

Today’s look is head-to-toe Talbots accented with their iconic silk scarf from the 1990s and statement bag from the 2000s. Two pieces that will forever remain classics.

So on that note, I think it’s safe to say that silk scarves have long been me and my mom’s, the women of Palm Beach, and many fashion girls go-to accessory because it never goes out of style.

Help Talbots celebrate this milestone by shopping the anniversary collection + today’s look below…

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you Talbots for sponsoring this post!]

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