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Monday through Friday, I stare down my closet in search of the perfect outfit for blog shoots, meetings, outing, dates, etc. It’s fun but sometimes it can be SO exhausting. By the time the weekend rolls around, I like to give myself a little break and wear comfortable clothing. Do you blame me?!

As I’ve mentioned, I recently made a big commitment to myself to spend time doing things that bring me joy (outside of blogging) like taking yoga or dance classes. I think it’s important to have balance in your life – both personally, professionally and well, with your style too! So…

A typical Saturday for me starts with something active. Lately, it’s been ballet class. After class, I’ll swing by the Green Market in downtown West Palm Beach to pick up a smoothie, fresh fruits and veggies (buy local!) and to scope out the flower situation (you guys know how much I adore fresh flowers at home). I spend the rest of my day at home cleaning my apartment or doing some serious couch time reading a new book. At night, I’ll grab dinner and drinks with friends. Pretty normal, right?!

But here’s the thing about being a fashion blogger (in a small town, mind you). I can’t just turn off the impulse to look “put together.” I can’t. I just can’t. Too many times, I’ve run into a friend or local business owner or cute guy wearing boring gym clothes. And it’s usually not good. Don’t even get me started on my poor mailman who gets the pleasure of seeing me in my PJs from like, high school, on days where I work from home 9-5PM.

So, that’s why I’m sharing today’s look from I.N.C. International Concepts! It’s the kind of outfit I would wear on a Saturday. The kind of look you can lounge around at home in or dress up with sleek black sandals for early drinks with friends. It’s a great lazy-fashion-girl-meets-weekend option.

During the day, I would wear this look with white sneakers. (Just roll up the bottoms a bit) And nix the choker to keep it day-time appropriate. At night, heels, pearl earringsa choker and a statement ring to spice things up!

What are your weekend essentials? A soft n’ slouchy sweater? A pair of stretchy leggings? Sneakers? Shop mine from I.N.C. International Concepts by scrolling up to the top and clicking the pink links!

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you I.N.C. International Concepts for sponsoring this post!]

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