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BELT: vintage, from my moms closet

I used to think I’d only be able to tell or enjoy the change of season through Starbucks’ seasonal favorites. #Floridaprobs

But since I’ve been going back and forth to NYC for meetings slash shooting content (get ready for some big changes before the end of the year!) I’ve had the luxury of experiencing the beauty of fall first-hand.

And with business and leisure in mind during my travels, it makes total sense to rock ‘em fitting power suits (I told you I would, remember?). There’s so many aesthetic twists and turns with suits. Think: slim waist, boxy shoulders; nautical ones with buttons all the way down; completely tailored types. Most suit trends and shapes are being influenced by us women. #GirlPower Now, you know why I’m building my suit collection. #wink Plus, They’re even perfect for fall/winter trips to iconic London or romantic Paris… (hint: is that something we should consider?) I mean let me add another layer, a beret and teleport there now!

Wait, but doesn’t Paris sound like a great idea? #rhetoricalquestion (Feel free to comment below.)

I can’t tell you how many times I catch myself daydreaming about sitting outside a French Cafe tasting an authentic chocolate croissant; while the chill and magic in the Parisian air does something poetic to me. And now I find myself listening to the “Parisian Chic” playlist. Thanks Spotify I’m drifting there all over again. #dontmindme

My secret to effortless style (for any season and any place) is to keep accessories minimal, silhouettes polished and chic. Reiss knows. And today’s look is inspired by me being mad for plaid in the best way. In fact, sometimes the best way is to wear it in a semi-matched set. Whoever said you can’t look trendy and work-appropriate was (you guessed it) wrong.

So I’ll set things straight…it’s just right in Reiss. Why? It’s so easy to throw on their tailored blazer right before I walk into a meeting with fitted (similarly matched) trousers. I also can’t stress enough how important it is to have an everyday classic blouse that goes with anything; for me, I love being able to have an ivory shirt silhouette ready-to-wear. It gives my look that precise and delicate touch. Oh, and sandals (obvi) for that on-point feel. Then, walking out of that meeting and onto the next soiree. Voila…it’s a kiss on the chic with one of my faves, Reiss!

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you Reiss for sponsoring today’s post!]

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