Sunny, for a Second


Ah, that time of year where summering around is “officially” welcomed. Sure living in S. Florida is summertime year round but lately, the past few weeks have been a toss up of rolling thunder and rain. Talk about a complete contrast.

At last, the sun is finding her way back to us. Knock on wood, hope I’m not speaking too soon. (UPDATE: as I hit publish, the rain came back. Ugh.)

In response to the brief moments of sunshine, I could not help but quickly gravitate towards one of my favorite fast-fashion UK brands – River Island. If you’re not familiar with River Island from some of my previous blog posts (click here and here) – think: fun, on-trend and always new with styles fitting for me and you. *sings song*

You know I’m a stickler for proportions (hello! I’m petite) so that’s why I’m featuring these high-waisted pants to offset my petite-ness (yes, I just made that word up) with a simple cami tucked in to show my waistline.

You also know that I love sticking to classic silhouettes because they are polished and… add a kiss on the chic. (tweet that) Sometimes, keeping things simple and accessorizing with one or two strong pieces (like earrings or an oversized hat) speak volumes.

Speaking of volume. I never underestimate the power of PANTS for they, too, can make a statement. These pants create long, lean slimming lines which matters immensely… for dates and IG pics. Let’s be real.

Back to accessories. Is it me or do oversized hats not only shield the sun (and make a ton of cameos on my IG) add a “touch of luxe” to a composition? Mhm, I thought so, too! I love this one because it costs less than $60.

If you’re feeling bold, go with gold. *sings again* It looks great against tanned skin and is the perfect complement to cream and black. These gold studs do the job and coupled with gold sandals, are super chic.

Whether rain or shine, traveling or staying local, I think you will want to enjoy doing so in pieces that make you feel completely “you.” I love that River Island’s assortment of designs naturally encourages just that!

I’m also hesitant to give up one of my secrets, but I can’t help it – if you shop their “New In” section, you’re bound to find an array of pieces that are sure to suit your personal style. Seriously, from chic to urban, they have it all! I promise after you peruse their site, your online cart will be filled to the brim and (most likely) qualify for “free shipping!” Done and done!

Xo, Stephanie

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

[Thank you River Island for sponsoring this post!]


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