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Lately, my schedule has been filled with work at local coffee shops, fashion events and nights out in Palm Beach. I thought, just for fun, I’d share with you what I would wear to all three of these occasions. And how jewelry plays a big part in styling each look!

Go-to Off-Duty Work Look


I love working from home but sometimes it’s nice to change things up, especially if you live in a studio apartment. So, once a week, I force myself to work out of a coffee shop where I’ll spend several hours answering emails, writing or researching trends. Not only does working out of a coffee shop help stimulate creativity and combat writer’s block (which I fall victim to every now and then), but it allows me to see friends and meet new people.

Trust me, I get it. For most, this isn’t considered a traditional “work” look. But for me, it is! As a blogger, it’s important to have killer personal style – at all times. Plus, I’m a firm believer that what a person wears can affect the way they feel and act. So, jeans, blazer and a t-shirt tend to be my go-to outfit.

I believe jewelry should always reflect your mood, just like clothing! Sometimes I love stacking on bracelets and rings, while other times I prefer a dainty necklace and studs. But since this look is pretty casual, I needed some extra oomph so I added the Ariadne Bib and the Quasar Bracelets from BaubleBar to elevate it. And voilà! Instantly, it goes from “bland” to “blogger-approved.”

One of the easiest ways to dress up a t-shirt is to throw on a big chunky necklace. And lately, I’m all about embracing silver metal. This one lends a vintage feel to it. How cool is the pendant?!

My stacked bracelets can be worn as shown or mixed with gold, like a gold watch or simple gold bangle. Trust me, mixing metals can look very polished if done correctly.

Aside from both pieces adding luxe to my look, I looove how versatile they are. Yes, statement jewelry can be versatile! They can be worn casually or together with a sleek black gown and heels. Both looks are just as stunning.

How I Dress to Impress at Local Fashion Events with Industry Insiders  

SWEATER: J.Crew/BLOUSE, DENIM SKIRT: H&M/SANDALS: (c/o) Moda Operandi/TOTE: (c/o) Neiman Marcus/EARRINGS, NECKLACE, BRACELET: (c/o) BaubleBar

For me, local fashion events are a great way to show others what my personal style is all about. I tell myself, less is more, when putting together an outfit. It took a long time for me to learn that I did not have to conform to the norm and dress outlandish to be memorable. I just needed to be me.

At heart, my style is pretty classic. I love trends, but I always go back to timeless pieces like a simple sweater or a denim skirt. As I mentioned, I try to accessorize in a way that compliments my outfit and doesn’t take away from – me! There’s nothing more distracting than a dangly bracelet or a tacky necklace.

A beautiful pair of earrings can enrich and enliven the most basic look. This pair, the Aleeza Drops, are a fun twist on an classic accent – pearls! Plus, they’re in direct line of vision of anyone I talk to, which I always consider before a big fashion event. To me, they feel elegant and sophisticated.  

The Syndown Bracelet and the Milkyway Necklace were the ideal partners for this classic look so I popped my collar and rolled up my sleeves to subtly show them off!  

You don’t need a ton of accessories to give your style personality. A beautiful earring, a dainty necklace and a simple gold bracelet work for this look. Subtle pieces that reflect who I am and act as an extension of my wardrobe…

Night out in Palm Beach!

DRESS: (c/o) Shopbop – more options here/SANDALS: (c/o) Shopbop – more options here/NECKLACE, EARRINGS, RING: (c/o) BaubleBar

The best time to visit Palm Beach is between October and March, also known as “season” here. The weather fluctuates between mid-60s and high 80s. During this time, Palm Beach is flooded with northerners. There are endless parties. Charity events. Functions. You name it. It’s sooo much fun!

With each event, I consider the vibe I’m going for. I wanted something flirty and playful since it’s still relatively warm outside so I went with a little red dress for this look. Doesn’t it remind you of Emma Stone’s character in La La Land?!

An open neckline is the perfect opportunity to highlight a glitzy accent, like this Alexandria Necklace. I styled it with striped Concordia Crispin Drops in black and white to work a little pop into my look. And the Crystal Mason Ring to add some pizzazz and sparkle!

It’s no secret that I love accessories. You guys know this! It’s an essential component of an outfit. Jewelry plays a big part in how I present myself every day. A statement necklace acts as an ideal accessory for a casual off-duty look. Beautiful earrings add sophistication to a classic outfit. And playful details, like a shimmery gold necklace and striped drop earrings, turn a simple red dress into a fresh look…  

Visit, one of my favorite destinations for jewelry, for more inspiration or to shop the accessories featuring in today’s looks!

Xo, Stephanie

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