Tales of Tailoring: September

Tales of Tailoring September by Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow

Why spend more money on tailoring? 

I asked the same thing once…

It’s the one fashion trick I wish I listened to sooner.

But let’s backtrack real quick. 

BlouseRachel Comey Stripe skirt: vintage SandalsBy Far Clutch: (c/o) Pamela Munson

A few weeks ago when I went shopping for upcoming shoots, I threw my hands up and defeatedly said, “I give up” to my fiancé standing beside me. I blamed it on being an “off-day” only to go through the same song and dance the following week. Seldom do I walk into a store now and grab 10+ pieces to try on (that’s when you know I’m inspired), but I wasn’t expecting that. All I wanted was something classic and seasonless. I’m not afraid to spend money on something well made as long as it lasts throughout the years to come (read more about my Cost Per Wear method here). 

Maybe I’m an old soul? Who knows. But every time I walk into Palm Beach Vintage, I can easily grab a handful of pieces to try on, then start playing around with different looks and shapes. I love styling and creating looks that are mine; no one else’s. Bonus points for lasting 50+ years, too!

I could go on and on about why I love vintage. But, I’ll keep it short and say that it’s timeless, unique and a fantastic way to experience designer(s) on discount. It’s also sustainable (and as I evolve in my fashion journey, I’m making intentional, conscious decisions about what I wear and feature on here). 

Besides, maybe you can relate, I’ve struggled with fast-fashion styles and designs as there are so many inconsistencies in sizing and the material that’s sourced and used. Not only am I petite, but even my accurate “size” doesn’t fit me as it should at times. We all have unique proportions that majority of brands/retailers just do not accommodate, which in some ways have lead me to shopping vintage.  

Yes, I was still faced with the obvious issue: nothing fit me…properly. Yet I couldn’t pass up the detailed stitching and craftsmanship from decades ago, which is extremely difficult to find in today’s market without having to pay a costly price tag upfront. Thankfully, I knew exactly where to take my new finds – my trusted tailor (who I’ve been going to for 5 years!) who’d know exactly what to do… shoutout to Maria from Aphrodite Designs in West Palm Beach.

Stephanie Hill shares her Tales of Tailoring September on The Style Bungalow

BlouseRachel Comey Stripe skirt: vintage SandalsBy Far Clutch: (c/o) Pamela Munson

I gave her the four pieces I recently found: a handmade stripe skirt (on sale for $75) from the 70s, a Saint Laurent midi skirt (originally size 10, I’m a size 00), a Saint Laurent blouse that was missing a belt and a pair of Saint Laurent silk pants from the 80s. We kept the blouse intact and didn’t change anything but we did a lot to the other pieces. 

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill reveals her Tales of Tailoring September on The Style Bungalow

Style Blogger Stephanie Hill reveals her Tales of Tailoring September on The Style Bungalow

Blouseold, Maje Red skirt: vintage Saint Laurent SandalsBy Far BagHunting Season

Because I’m petite and not all waists are created equal, I almost always ask my tailor to move the waistline to that sweet spot between my rib cage and belly button – which gives the appearance of longer legs. It’s also very comfortable. Though, I don’t always love a high waist on jeans, I do love a high waist on skirts and wide legged pants. 

We then removed a lot of extra fabric while maintaining the integrity of these pieces. In my mind, tailoring is a lot like renovating a house. You can’t move into a 1920s house and make it ultra-modern. (Sure, technically you can do whatever you want but it doesn’t look the same… right?) I approach tailoring the same way and ask myself, “What was the designer trying to do?” while finding ways to make the clothing look a bit modern, too.

Stephanie Hill reveals her Tales of Tailoring September now live on The Style Bungalow

I realized the moment I started to think of clothes as long-lasting/investment pieces, my connection with it changed. Taking the time to tailor and tweak certain pieces became a norm and a priority…especially on pre-loved luxuries. Now, I consider them as prized (personal) possessions I get to collect and have with me for many years. Perhaps, being able to see and know who’s adding in the extra effort, dedication and craftsmanship that goes into tailoring (thank you Maria!) has allowed me to cherish and be even more mindful of my wardrobe.

I’ll dive deeper into this topic next week during Pt. 2 but for now, I hope you can see how much a snip here and there can make a difference. And how expensive these pieces can look! 

Featuring Tales of Tailoring September on The Style Bungalow by Style Blogger Stephanie Hill

Blouseold, Maje Red skirt: vintage Saint Laurent SandalsBy Far BagHunting Season

Palm Beach Vintage is on 1stdibs so definitely swing by and check her stuff out. I also love eBay and The RealReal

Xo, Stephanie

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