As timeless as Tous

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

WEARING -> BUTTON DOWN, SHORTS: J.Crew/HEELS: (c/o) Neiman Marcus


I was first introduced to Tous when I was on a trip in South America. I was shopping with a friend when I asked her where a cute bag was from. It had the cutest bear on it. She immediately said, “Tous! Everyone wears it here in S. America.”

Flash forward to college. At the time, I was working at a trendy boutique (partly because I need a job and partly because I needed an excuse to shop). A group of girls walked in from Spain. They must have been sisters because they all had the same ring on. A dainty ring with a teddy bear on it. I asked where the rings were from and one said, “Tous!”

Turns out, Tous originated in Barcelona in 1989 but has only been here in the US since 2004. Which is why I didn’t recognize the brand until recently when I started seeing some of my favorite bloggers wearing it…

So it comes as no surprise that today’s post is dedicated to Tous, a brand that has caught my attention for a long time. A brand that’s affordable yet luxurious. Classic yet trendy. Even iconic in some countries.

Today I’m wearing a super-posh mother-of-pearl pendant with topaz and ruby. A great option for a classic outfit (like today’s) or sneaker + t-shirt + sweatshirt look. I added a small charm for an extra dose of color…

As you all know, I never leave my apartment without putting on a watch. This one is sophisticated, elegant and very fashionable. It doesn’t need anything else – but since I’m such a jewelry girl, I threw in a braided cuff and a gold bracelet. All of which are life-long pieces.

How gorg are those gold Tous earrings?!

What Style Bungalow outfit isn’t complete with a hint of pink?! Cue: this super luxe crossbody bag, also from Tous!

And while you can’t see it (because it’s that dainty!) I’m wearing one of the iconic teddy bear Tous rings… #swoon

To learn more about Tous, click here (especially if you’re in the market for some Mother’s Day inspo! Their line is a MUST-SEE lately.

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you Tous for sponsoring this post]


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