“Treat Yourself” Series II

Here’s to the serious treat yourselfers! I get it, this list may not be for everyone, but it is certainly for someone. And let’s be honest, you probably wouldn’t ask just anyone to drop this much on you…so sometimes you gotta make your own dreams come true!

Let me break down this list of gifts under $1000:

What’s the Ad-dress?

Make evenings out more special with these elegant dresses. Holiday parties are at our doorstep and these ones are a sure knockout on the dance floor.

Hear Me Out

And say it with a statement. Because how can you not fall in love with some designer earrings? Seriously. Not only are they timeless, they’re an instant outfit refiner! P.S. I’ve had my Chanel earrings for years. An investment? Oh yes. Worth it? Completely. It’s an accessory that will be in your closet for a lifetime.

Buckle Up

And get ready because you just took the outfit up a notch. It’s the finishing touch up to any look! I’ll be the first to admit it (as seen in most of my #ootds); it easily breaks up the monotony of a look and highlight the best features.

Then Pump it Up

It’s all about walking the walk…in some red holiday heels. These pairs always have a moment in my book! But you all-redy knew that.

We Gucci

Yes we are! Name a more timeless and innovative version of your favorite brand? I’ll wait. Gucci takes the cake.

Pamper Yourself

Need a pick me up? Don’t we all especially after a dizzy, busy year? Enjoy a day at the spa! I actually got the idea from my mom who asks every year, “Steph, what’s on your wish list?” Of which I answer, “time to relax.” Plus, it’s the best time of year to pull the trigger and try those “beauty” treatments you’ve been eyeing… more on this subject later! 😉

Xo, Stephanie

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