“Treat Yourself” Series III

Finally for those who have been waiting specifically for this time of year to splurge on yourself – this list is for you!

And because “yes is more fun than no.” It’s totally fine to whip out those gift cards from the holidays and spoil yourself with a big y e s.

So today I’m sharing some of my most indulge-worthy and can’t-imagine-life-without favorites I’ve dropped a YES on.

Advice: it gets easier when you shop for yourself. *wink


…if you have room to splurge some more.

Investing in a serious bag that will last you over 20 years? Yes please, because every girl needs one. If the design you want is no longer available or is now considered vintage, here are some trusted options for verified preloved luxury goods: “What Goes Around Comes Around,” “The Real Real” or “eBay.” Trust me it’s actually not unorthodox – but a smart way to shop. Why not save a little when you can?


When I slip into a beautifully fitted dress I naturally feel even more upbeat, playful and well.. allover happy. Here are my top picks for NYE.

Watch Yourself

…look extra refined with this exclusive arm candy! If you’re considering a timepiece that’s fashion proof and sophisticated – these will do.

Color Coating

It’s been a minute, but I’m sure you remember my chic Carolina Herrera coat I loved warming up in while running around NYC. It’s the perfect addition to my closet and an easy way to make a classic statement.

Xo, Stephanie

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