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What if there was a way to shop for designer without breaking the bank – rather put money back in the bank? Enter eBay. One of my biggest secrets.

Though you may have seen many of my favorite investment pieces featured on the blog, one thing you may not have realized is how diligent I am about purchasing them. Weeks if not months go into each purchase. Because let’s be real for one sec – spending your hard-earned money should involve intention and strategy. And I try to be as responsible as I can when investing in my closet. (To my boyfriend reading this, please stop laughing.) I’m serious.

Follow my lead…

I’m loving Cult Gaia lately (one of the hottest brands this season). I also love Hermes, specifically their vintage silk scarves. Which is why I find myself on eBay (like 99% of the time) searching for the best price.

Here’s how…

A reader once asked, “how do you trust eBay?” I answered with a lengthy response.

First, look for expert sellers through eBay Authenticate if you’re buying something very expensive like a Chanel or Gucci handbag. These sellers have years of experience, a history of high ratings and are pricing their items fairly. (ex: a Gucci bag should not cost $150 if it’s brand new and in mint condition.) Even better, they verify luxury brands (enter Chanel and Gucci) so what you are getting is 100% real – just look for the “authenticity verified” indicator.

Still don’t trust eBay authenticate? No worries, they give a 200% guarantee for the item. Meaning if your item is not authentic, you’ll get double the purchase price back. Yas, ladies.

I also check to see if there are any misspellings in the description (ex. Channel or Guuci). Sometimes I ask the seller to provide more details about the product (ex. fabric, more pictures, different angles) and I also check the seller’s negative feedbacks to see if anyone has ever accused them of selling a fake.

Skip the bidding…

After all your due-diligence and research, if there’s a ‘Buy It Now’ feature… click it! It is a sure way to guarantee that item is yours (like now). I frequently use this feature for contemporary labels like Cult Gaia (as shown here with my bag), Loeffler Randall, Self-Portrait, Maje and more. If the item is fairly new or still in stores, expect a 15-30% discount. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used this feature to buy clothing for my blog!

Change your mind?

Then sell it! The great thing about eBay is you don’t have to commit to anything because you can put it right back on the market.

To recap…

  1. Use eBay Authenticate when buying designer
  2. If it’s Chanel, make sure it’s verified
  3. Look for misspellings in the description
  4. Ask for more pictures!
  5. Read their reviews
  6. Skip the bidding and use the ‘Buy It Now’ feature

Since eBay is a treasure trove for fashion (and more) it gives a RESPONSIBLE (speaking to boyfriend) girl like me endless options to shop and save. AND because I know I’m not the only one, I had to share my tips with you! Hope you enjoyed… feel free to share your questions in the comment section.

Xo, Stephanie

P.S. Linking some of my favorite items on eBay below!

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