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Today I’ve partnered up with DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse (because you know I love my shoes) to share 5 looks in 5 different locations in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach! I’ll be sharing stories + one fun fact with each location so stay with me… today’s post is super fun!


Sunset Beach

I’ve been living in Florida for nearly 10 years now and the beach never gets old, especially during sunsets. I’m not one to sit and bake in the sun for hours but I do enjoy going to the beach late afternoon to read a book or walk the coastline. I almost always turn my phone on airplane mode to block out the noise…

One of my favorite memories at Sunset Beach had to have been three years ago during a meteor shower. We arrived at 3AM and found a spot on the beach with zero light pollution so you could see the stars clearly. The air was brisk so we put on light jackets, set down a blanket, turned on some acoustic music, sipped on hot cocoa and watched the stars until the sunrise. At around 6AM, I felt something tickle my arm. Being a complete baby when it comes to bugs, I shrieked and jumped ten feet in the air! My friend shined a light and said, “oh my goodness…”. Behind me were hundreds of baby turtles making their way towards our blanket. I had never seen that before! So, for the next two hours, we watched hundreds of baby turtles waddle all over our things and ultimately, into the water. It was magical…

Wearing: DSW Shoes, Franco Sarto Patrice Sandal

Worth Ave

What’s The Style Bungalow without mentioning Worth Avenue!

If you know me, you know I shoot on Worth Avenue at least once a week because there’s no shortage of beautiful spots. Chelsea, my photographer, would refer to this as “production value.”

What you don’t know about Worth Avenue is how much inspiration I draw from people watching. Palm Beach women are known for being glamorous and for having immaculate style. Doesn’t matter if they’re 20 or 80, they know how to make a statement… so you have to make sure you look great too!

For this look, I decided to wear a midi skirt (what makes me feel the most comfortable) and a matching top. I added a pop of color with my sandals and earrings and kept my makeup light and fresh.

Wearing: DSW Shoes, Unisa UnDian Sandal

Clematis St.

My “going-out” days are behind me because trust me when I say this, I got it out of my system while I was in my early twenties dancing professionally for a small ballet company here in West Palm Beach! My roommate and friends (we still stay in touch!) were all ballet dancers with me so you can imagine how much fun we had going out on Clematis St. Having such a rigorous rehearsal schedule (we worked Monday through Saturday, 9-7PM), there was something so liberating about dancing the night away with my best friends until 3AM, grabbing a slice of pizza at Pizza Girls and laughing until the wee hours of the morning. Although I did not have a traditional “college experience,” (as you know, I put college on hold to pursue my ballet career), I felt these late nights were the next best thing! Now, I look forward to cooking at home with my boyfriend and watching a good movie. #homebody

For this look, I’m wearing a LBD with a leather black belt to cinch in the waist. I added statement earrings and little black sandals with bows on them to add a touch of femininity to an otherwise structured look.

Wearing: DSW Shoes, Tahari Newton Sandal

West Palm Beach neighborhoods

Buying a cute, historic bungalow full of charm (whether that be in West Palm Beach or Miami) is something I have always had on my bucket list since moving here. Ideally, this happens in the next two years but you never know! My best friend who is a realtor will frequently send me listings “just cause.” And I can’t help but drive around to see what’s on the market. Which leads me to my next location… Since it’s still somewhat cool outside (70s), I decided to layer up so I’m wearing a simple tee with a crop top, a mini skirt, blazer and the comfiest slides!

Wearing: DSW Shoes, Enzo Angiolini Helony Mule

Around Town

When I was 18, I told my parents I wasn’t going to college despite receiving a scholarship to the University of Oklahoma. Instead, I wanted to train with my ballet coach so my parents forced me to take classes at a local community college and get a job. At the time, I was so annoyed. In hindsight, I’m forever grateful for the experience because it taught me how to juggle multiple things at once: school, ballet and work.

So I worked as a barista at a cute café in Houston. My shift started at 4AM. YES! That’s right – 4AM until noon, almost every day.

A year later, I received a job to dance for a ballet company here in Florida. At the time, I had no idea West Palm Beach would become my home for the next ten years since ballet dancers move a lot. I also didn’t think the economy would tank and the arts would suffer which eventually led to me losing my job and going back to college.

Anyways, I’ll never forget telling a frequent customer at the café that I was moving to a small town in Florida called West Palm Beach and that I was so excited to finally dance and pursue my dreams. I could care less about the town… (little did I know) He told me that West Palm Beach, “was a special place,” and that I’ll always have “a hard time leaving it.”

Guess he was right! Because here I am, still living in this beautiful town that has become more than a home – it’s a part of who I am… and what eventually led me to create The Style Bungalow!

Wearing: DSW Shoes, Adidas Courtset Sneaker

I hope you enjoyed today’s post! As always, thanks for stopping by. You can click the pink links to shop today’s looks or comment below with your questions…

Xo, Stephanie

[This post was created in partnership with DSW. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of DSW.]

[Photography by Chelsae Anne]


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