What’s In My Handbag?

Featuring What's In My Handbag by Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow

I’ve always enjoyed reading “What’s in My Handbag” stories because they reveal all the weird and wonderful things people carry in their handbags. And listen, life’s been interesting — almost like an out-of-body experience if you ask me — that’s why the products I currently tote around have become even more essential. From the vitamins, (something I didn’t take seriously until this year) to chic sunglasses, cough drops, three different lipstick shades and more. The unique collection of knick knacks in my bag is both odd yet practical. Spilling everything below! 

Style Blogger Stephanie Hill features What's In My Handbag on The Style Bungalow

Featuring What's In My Handbag by Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow


My fiancé gets really uncomfortable every time I ask him to grab my wallet or sunglasses out of my handbag. “HERE YOU GO,” as he holds the entire bag with outstretched arms. It’s as if my bag is an alien. “Amor, all I need is my wallet…” I’ll tell him giggling. “Who knows what’s in there?!” he’ll say as if some foreign being from another planet will pop out.

While we drove through neighborhoods looking at homes for sale the other day, I asked him to grab my sunglasses because it was sunny and my hands were tied. He hesitantly looked down at the passenger seat floor and said, “Oh wow…did you get a new handbag?” He normally never notices my handbags. “Yes I did…” I said. “I like this one…it looks well-made.” In an effort to shop less, he too focuses on quality over quantity so this was big and reaffirming coming from him.  

My handbag is from Brahmin, a brand I reach for again and again (read more) because I get endless use out of their bags. I picked out this style as a birthday gift to me (it’s coming up in a few weeks) because of the vintage shape, ivory hue, a color perfect for summertime, and for its versatility. Think: All it needs is a pretty silk scarf tied around the handle as an accent.

Plus, I love white handbags because they look elegant against head-to-toe white looks, desaturated colors (like a buttery yellow or muted green) and beige. For double the impact, don’t forget to pair it with other white accessories like shoes or sunglasses.


Back in the day, I used to invest in silk scarves (a la consignment stores) because it was a quick (and inexpensive) way to quickly dress up a simple outfit. Some great ways to style it is to drape it over the shoulders or tie it around your bag to instantly add color to the simplest looks. I like to keep mine in my handbag until I need it or leave it hanging delicately around the handle. 


I started taking a daily women’s multivitamin, Ritual, earlier this year for the first time ever. I’ve always been health conscious, but something about turning 32 this year (*quickly reminisces my 20s) made me think differently about the food I eat and the way I take care of my body. So, you can always find multivitamins in my handbag. 


You CANNOT live in Florida without sunglasses, plural. I admit, I own at least five million pairs (in case one goes better with another outfit). I mean think about it: one for the car, one or two for your handbag or beach bag and if you’re like me there’s already a pair on top of your head. Currently, I’m wearing 70’s inspired glasses by Linda Farrow and love how much they disguise the circles under my eyes.


I rarely have a sore throat, unless it’s wintertime and I’m traveling a lot, but I still keep a bag of cough drops with me for the most part. It’s so weird, I know, but I love the cooling effect of honey lemon menthol on a hot summer day (not every day of course). 


There’s this little compartment inside my Brahmin handbag that’s perfect for lipstick, or three. If there’s one thing I don’t leave home without it’s lipstick — and having three different shades (one for daytime, one for happy hour and another for evening) is key. Sometimes I mix two if I want something different, but I always like to carry multiple hues with me. 


In the beginning, I kept wearing a generic, disposable medical face mask thinking this pandemic would end sooner than I’d imagine. Around week three I purchased a machine-washable (rather stylish) fabric face mask now that it’s mandatory. There are so many brands out there making face masks…some with a charitable tie like Everlane who’s donating 10% of proceeds from their three-pack collection to ACLU or Christy Dawn’s sustainable “Buy 5, Donate 5” masks, where the brand donates a pack to those in need. 


This is where I get quirky. I’m always shooting content for TSB and frequently forget to grab a new memory card before I leave the house, which means I usually have to drive back to my apartment in the middle of perfect golden hour. So around 2928374x of this happening, I finally decided to buy a memory card case to organize my cards and keep it handy on me. 


In a pinch? Throw on gold earrings. Then, toss a few inexpensive pairs in your handbag just in case you need to swap it out or forget to walk out the door with any on. Between a silk scarf, lipstick and gold earrings, I feel better prepared and covered even if I’m wearing a white tee and jeans. 

There you have it, my own version of “What’s in My Handbag” currently and the little love affair I have with my different shades of lipsticks and beautiful versatile Brahmin (and more). I’m someone who likes to be prepared for anything without having to carry everything. A balance I’m continuously learning to strike. 

Xo, Stephanie


BAG: (c/o) Brahmin

WEDGES: Castañer

EARRINGS: Kenneth Jay Lane

[Thank you Brahmin for sponsoring today’s post.] 

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