Woah, Abercrombie

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer]

DENIM VEST, DRESS, BAG: (c/o) Abercrombie/SANDALS: more options here/SCARF: old

Remember high school? Remember the cool kids? Maybe you were one of them. I wasn’t! That’s for sure. (More on that another day…) But I remember one girl in particular who always dressed so well. Think: super low-rise jeans with two polos layered on top of each other and the sweet scent of A&F perfume wafting by me as she took her seat. Every guy wanted to date her. And every girl wanted to be her. Her secret? Abercrombie and Fitch.

Call it my love for fashion at a young age. But I admired the way she dressed; carefully noting how she constructed her outfits. Which, for the most part, we’re fairly simple. Jeans. Signature polos. Cute sandals. Basic tees. Nothing special, really. Just really cute stuff. And all from Abercrombie.

After high school, I put my love for Abercrombie and Fitch on hold and experimented with other brands. It wasn’t until recently, when (full disclosure) the brand reached out wanting to work together on an outfit post. Which, prepare yourself guys, is completely different and EVEN BETTER than I imagined.

As I scanned through their New Arrivals, I was blown away at the transformation the brand has taken. It feels completely new; it feels SO fashion-forward and grown up yet, with your favorite classics (like those iconic polos from high school) still around. And the best part? SIZING.

In high school, Abercrombie was one of the few stores I could walk into, shop and wear their clothing without tailoring (or shopping the kids section). Not much has changed since then however, I will say it was such a relief knowing I wouldn’t have to get anything tailored for this shoot. Just like the good ole’ days, I was able to wear their clothing immediately.

I mean, how cute is today’s look?! Seriously though. I wore this maxi dress – all day today. And plan to wear it all day tomorrow too. And that adorable cropped vest? I MEAN. I’ve already worn it with black skinny jeans and a white tee.

So trust me. Do yourself a favor and check out their line. It’s worth it. It’s so different. It’s affordable. And it’s so adorable now. As a fashion girl, I will definitely make sure to shop A&F more often! PLUS they’re having a killer sale this weekend. Use code: 11017 for 50% off select items.

(And spritz a little Ellwood perfume… because let’s be real, those scents are still just as addictive as they used to be in high school.)

Happy Friday night everyone! It’s a ‘Netflix and Chill’ night for yours truly. #turntup #justkidding #adulting

Xo, Stephanie

P.S.: I’m debuting 10 – YES 10 – BRAND NEW, never-before-seen outfits on Tuesday. Yep, all at once. To see them, be sure to sign up for @liketoknow.it on IG. Stay tuned! Ekk! I can’t wait!


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