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Stephanie Hill from The Style Bungalow features Life As I Know It May

Life As I Know It: May

I was always the girl in high school who received detentions because of the amount of tardies I accumulated (not proud, but I blame it on wanting to look stylish, lol). Jump forward to my ballet days when I lived…

Stephanie Hill from The Style Bungalow featuring Inexpensive to Expensive

Inexpensive to Expensive

I can recall one period in my life where a lack of resources held me back from sharing what I truly wanted to on here. AKA, I didn’t have extra money to spend on clothing so every tiny thing I…

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow's From Hot to Hotter Brahmin

From Hot to Hotter

Can you believe summer is right around the corner? Although it feels like it’s already here, I’m excited for it to be official. To me, summer serves as a reminder to relax (aka loosen the grip at work), do some…

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill from The Style Bungalow team reveals When in Rome with Brahmin

When in Rome

And just like that, the travels are back! I must say I cannot believe I waited this long, though it’s been so nice to be home, too. Balance, right? I’ve always been told that regular breaks are necessary to avoid…

Break from Travel

Passports, baggage claim, coffee stains… and jet lag. Last season was filled with life on a plane and quite a number of hotel stays but it’s a been a beautiful break to be home.

Stephanie Hill wears ootd featuring Asceno pants and blouse and Brahmin bag

Feb. 19, 2019

PJ Blouse: Asceno PJ Pants: Asceno  Sandals: similar options below Bag: (c/o) Brahmin via Shop Bazaar Earrings: Zimmermann  — —