Fall Thoughts: Past, Present and (Being) Patient

Stephanie Hill features Fall Thoughts: Past, Present and (Being) Patient on The Style Bungalow

Fashion Blogger Stephanie Hill features Fall Thoughts: Past, Present and (Being) Patient on The Style Bungalow

My mind has been jogging through parts of the past, present and interchangeably the future that I’ve lost track of time.

We’ve officially moved about a month ago (more on this next week), are planning a small civil ceremony and we haven’t actually stopped to bask in the cooler fall air yet (trust me I was surprised it wasn’t 90 degrees in South Florida either!). Then it dawned on me that we’re just a few months away from a new year let alone the holidays, probably why I’ve been reflecting on the past, thinking of the future considerably and at times feeling pressure to do more…that I’ve forgotten to remain present. And I thought, let’s pause and take this in for a moment: “What’s truly important to me?”… “How can I free up some time to invest in more of that?” and “What moments have I let slip by?”…especially when moments never happen twice. At first, I was resistant to stop the flow I had established and preferred to keep going because it meant productivity…even if it’s to the point of exhaustion, right? 

Stephanie Hill wears #ootd featuring Emmy by Brahmin on The Style Bungalow

Stephanie Hill features Fall Thoughts: Past, Present and (Being) Patient on The Style Bungalow

But I saw the way my fiance and close friends were embracing this year and its seasons; managing the uncertainty and pressure with positivity, patience and fervor. I felt a surge of clarity, purpose and desire for a renewed focus on more of life’s simplicities. Like giving myself some time to journal again, light a candle and meditate, learn a new recipe (meaning I’ll be the sous-chef here), snap imperfectly perfect pictures from my iPhone and get semi-dressed to meet my best friend Jen (and prepare to laugh uncontrollably whenever we’re together!). In fact, I should be exploring and spending more time on the things that allow me more creative freedom, makes me feel good and reminds me of what nourishes my soul best. 

So I’m logging off early today, tossing out unnecessary pressure and making it more of a routine to do stuff for the love of it… But before I head out to meet Jen, I’m grabbing one of my latest fall pieces from Brahmin, a classic style I can reach for year after year, which is why Brahmin continues to remain a significant part of my wardrobe, even in Miami. Its signature leather grows even more beautiful with time; and I have a variety of their versatile handbags, but I’m styling today’s look specifically with the Emmy as it adds the perfect amount of edge I love. I can opt to style the handbag as a top handle while I venture out to meet my best friend or a crossbody as I wave “hello” to my new neighbors from a distance. 

I’m thankful for the ones constantly in my corner who inspire me everyday to be present and patient with myself — to counter uncertainty with the simplicities of life that bring joy, peace, clarity and purpose back. Here’s to slowing down (which doesn’t mean a set back) and to not letting moments slip by too easily… After all, it’s about the process (time and time again) not perfection.

Xo, Stephanie

Thank you Brahmin for sponsoring today’s post!


  • Have you seen the movie Julie & Julia? For some reason reading this post made me think of it, and when I watched it I thought of you! It might be worth checking out 🙂

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