Stephanie Hill talks about "How I Stay Motivated (On The Daily)" on The Style Bungalow

How I Stay Motivated?

Let’s talk about motivation for a minute. I know I need it (hence my recent “Life As I Know It”). Starting with emails piling up, to-do lists running into each other, meetings and appointments shuffled around in the calendar because…

My Top 5 Muses this Month

Muses have always been invoked to give that special spark. A force of inspiration we all crave. And to me, it seems to come in a form of a whisper, a subtle detail, a favorite design or through the arts….

Beautiful Dreams

Beautiful Dreams

[Chelsae Anne | Photographer] WEARING – SWEATER: (c/o) Neiman Marcus/SKIRT: more options here/BAG: (c/o) Frances Valentine/BOOTS: (c/o) Cole Haan/SUNNIES: more options here Hey what’s up hello! Thanks for coming back! I hope you guys enjoyed reading last night’s post on my…