Lover of L’Occitane

Stephanie Hill of The Style Bungalow talks about L'Occitane RESET serum.

FEATURING: Immortelle Reset Oil-in Serum, Moisture Prep, Water Cleanser

As you may have seen on my Instagram Stories, the travels are back and the meetings/events are in full swing. Bouncing from South Florida back to the around-the-clock lifestyle in New York City, its relentless rhythm of “pushing your limits” has rubbed off on me. Side note: don’t get me wrong, it’s super fun and exhilarating, but it’s also taken a toll on my skin.

Confession: I don’t even realize it until I look in the mirror and wonder if I could just hit a RESET button I’d take care of this differently.

Truth is… I (you) can.


L’Occitane’s Verbena Collection


[c/o L’Occitane en Provence]

As much as I love soaking up the sun, going on vacation, breezy sundresses and longer evenings at the beach, the heat and humidity can be too much and wreck complete havoc on my daily beauty routine. During the summer, I always find myself questioning which lotion I should use, how to keep my skin refreshed, which perfume is delicate enough for daytime wear, and so on – because the last thing I want to do is attempt perfection when I know everything will melt away as the hot day drags on.


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