The Palms Staycation


[Photography by Gen Street Style]

SCALLOPED BIKINI: (c/o) Everything but Water/SUNHAT: more options here/BEACH BAG: (c/o) The Palms Hotel & Spa Boutique/SCARF: (c/o) Ann Taylor/EARRINGS: more options here

CROP TOP, PANTS, BEACH BAG, NECKLACE: (c/o) The Palms Hotel & Spa Boutique

After a busy weekend in Dallas, I returned to Florida needing rest and relaxation. My voice was completely gone (from a terrible cold) and I was beat. My tiny studio apartment was a disaster (from packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking). I had a TON of unanswered emails. Not to mention, the amount work ahead of me that week. I desperately needed to recharge.

Solution? A little staycation to the Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach.

Because when the going gets tough, the tough gets going to a tropical hotel on the beach with plenty of amenities (and mojitos) to help you forget your adult responsibilities. Right?! Maybe.

Jokes aside, my stay at The Palms was fantastic. My room had the most incredible view of their lush patio and of the beautiful ocean. I had been to the property before (for dinner, read more about it here) but staying was so much better. I spent my days resting, soaking up warm sunshine, having dinner at Essensia, sharing a bottle of wine by the pool at night, spending time with friends drinking mojitos, and sloooowly but surely catching up on work.

Even the housekeepers took care of me!

TEE: Nordstrom/SKIRT: H&M/HEELS: (c/o) Moda Operandi/BAG: (c/o) Neely & Chloe

Every time someone knocked on my door, they checked on me to see if I was ok. They offered warm tea and honey and plenty of dark chocolate to help my voice come back. And voila! It did.

TOP: more options here/PANTS: (c/o) Ann Taylor/HEELS: more options here/EARRINGS: more options here/BAG: (c/o) Neely & Chloe

I’m convinced. Taking a staycation helps recharge those batteries amid the craziness of a busy life. Convinced you need one to for yourself, family or friends too? Consider The Palms Hotel & Spa!

Xo, Stephanie

Thank you Palms Hotel & Spa for the stay!


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