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Barrington Gifts - The Style Bungalow

Barrington Gifts - The Style Bungalow

Barrington Gifts - The Style Bungalow

[Chelsae Anne | Photography]

TOP: (c/o) Pretty Little Thing/JEANS: Paige Denim/HEELS: Here/LIPSTICK: (c/o) Kevyn Aucoin

September is known to be one of the biggest months of the year for the fashion industry. It’s fashion month! Designers, brands, houses… all display their latest collections to buyers, media and editors. The most prominent cities receiving the most coverage are New York, London, Milan and Paris. This is known as the “Big Four.”

Around this time of year, the most fashionable jet set hit road – making their luggage one of their most important accessories. Whether carrying a traditional suitcase, or an oversized duffle bag, a roomy tote or a monogrammed laptop case, their luggage needs to accommodate like a millions pairs of shoes and let’s be real – suit their stylish needs.

Barrington Bags - The Style Bungalow

While I’m not doing the “Big Four” this year, I’m definitely traveling just as much. As you read this, I’m en-route to Vancouver. And it feels like I’ve been living out of my suitcase… a stylish one that! Because…

I was recently introduced to Barrington Gifts for luggage and have to say, love this company! They combine craftsmanship, luxury materials, good design and personalization on every piece of luggage they make. Fear not, you fashionable jet setters – Barrington bags are reasonably priced (consider their luxury quality)! Get excited.

Barrington Bags - The Style Bungalow

CABIN BAG, TOTE and LAPTOP CASE: (c/o) Barrington Gifts

I went with a khaki, brown leather, pink combination. I think it’s classic and suits my personality. However, there are countless options to choose from – especially from their fall collection!

Barrington Bags - The Style Bungalow

Photo Sep 17, 7 10 02 PM

Photo Sep 17, 7 11 18 PM

Shop today’s story below! Next stop -> Vancouver!

Xo, Stephanie


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