Mérida, Mérida!

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Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Q: Where’s Mérida located?

Mérida is the vibrant capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan. It’s rich in history and colonial heritage and has year-round sunshine. It’s a three-hour drive west from Cancun, is charming and authentic, with a growing artistic bohemian community. There you’ll find streets lined with huge, colonial villas. Colorful buildings with ornate, wrought-iron railings, big windows and grand doorways!

Q: How did you hear about this city?

Don’t laugh but…

From HGTV’s show, “House Hunters International.” A few years ago, I saw an episode where a couple bought an old colonial house in Mérida and was intrigued by the architecture. So I did some research only to discover the town was perfect for The Style Bungalow. I fell in love… as soon as I had enough saved up, I pulled the trigger!

Q: Where was your Airbnb located?

Now that my trip is over, I can finally share these details!

We stayed at an Airbnb called “Casa de Flamenco.” The house was fully restored from the 16th century and BEYOND gorgeous. It had an incredible entrance that led to a lush courtyard with a huge swimming pool and pink walls. We also had two bedrooms with high ceilings and four-poster beds, en-suite bathrooms, a large living room and fully stocked kitchen with all the essentials.

We spent most of our time by the pool, listening to music and swimming. During the day, we barely used A/C. At night, we left bedroom doors open to get fresh air. The house truly embodied an indoor-outdoor lifestyle that’s so different from living in a studio apartment in West Palm Beach… We loved it so much, my boyfriend and I considered buying it instead of buying a home in Miami. But, #priorities…

Upon arriving to our Airbnb, we learned that it had been featured in many publications including The New Yorker and Conde Nast Traveler. It’s also hosted many celebrities itching to getaway…

During low season, our Airbnb costs $139 a night. Yes, that’s right. You read it correctly. During high season, it’s slightly more expensive. Either way, it’s 100% worth it.

It’s located 5 minutes from “Centro,” known as the center of town. (Yes, there’s a Starbucks). Down the street, you’ll find the most amazing restaurant called Montejo. It’s somewhat new so it’s empty during the day. Don’t be alarmed by that! Yelp will tell you to visit other restaurants – ignore this and go here for authentic Yucatan cuisine made by an elderly woman and her two sons.

If “Casa de Flamenco” is booked, don’t fret! The city is brimming with options that are just as incredible as this house (and just as affordable)… David and Deborah will help you!

And if your taste is more tuned, consider staying at the city’s high-end, one bedroom hotel called Coqui Coqui or the famed pink hotel, Rosas y Xocolate!

Q: I’m young, can I afford Merida? 

Yes. It’s VERY affordable.

Q: I have expensive taste, will I enjoy it? 

I think so. If you can look past some of the grittier parts of the city, then yes. (I personally feel it adds charm.) I suggest staying in a hotel or a luxury haciendas outside of the city if that’s what you prefer.

Q: Is Mérida safe? Do I need to speak Spanish?

Yes, it’s very safe. It’s the safest city in Mexico and one of the safest in the world (this was surprising to learn). You don’t need to speak Spanish. Most people who work in the tourism industry speak english (hotels, big restaurants, travel agencies, Ubers, etc). Fortunately, my bi-lingual boyfriend and my broken Spanish did the job for us.

Q: What is there to do?

You can explore nearby cenotes (underwater caves), venture 1.5hrs away to Celestun to see flamingos, take a day trip to the famous “Pink Lake” (where we unfortunately did not have enough time to visit) or see historic haciendas.

Q: How long should I stay?

It depends on your goals! Mérida is a 1.5hr flight from Miami, making it the perfect three-day escape for South Floridians.

If you’re in dire need of R&R, I suggest 5-7 days. That way you have enough time to decompress as well as explore other attractions.

Apparently,  celebrities stay for a couple weeks!

Q: Are you going back?

Absolutely. My boyfriend and I are going back to the Yucatan at the end of the month to celebrate our one year anniversary. We loved it so much! Besides, one of my goals this year is to integrate more travel content into my blog – so you can guarantee that we will be back!

Slash, as I publish this – I am currently in Cartagena, Colombia! And all I have to say is, “WOW.” Get ready for some beautiful content… this town is breathtaking.

Sending you all so much love for the support lately… Each trip is a huge investment for me but seeing your feedback and how much you love this type of content encourages me to travel more!

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Xo, Stephanie

[Photography by Chelsea Anne]


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