Timeless Summer Staples from Saks

Thank you Saks Fifth Avenue for sponsoring today’s post.

I know it’s been a minute, but I promise I have an explanation. 

My mindset has shifted in the last six months. Today I look at my wardrobe in a completely different way. I no longer maintain strict rules on what I can wear/can’t wear and have tailored my routine, outfits and workflow towards a happier more meaningful life. Each item in my closet has become multi-purpose, meaning easily mixed and matched so that I can be romantic and feminine one day; edgy and minimal the next…conceptualize the most epic shoot with incredible photographers; take the pressure off (slightly) by shooting more with my iPhone so I can step away and regain my creativity…Giving myself room to breathe and experiment has allowed me to evolve (in the best possible way). I don’t care what other people think, and continue to remain true to myself because that’s what works for me. There’s so much freedom in that. 

So, I recently revisited old summer outfits of mine to find patterns…top foundational pieces, like cotton poplin skirts and voluminous midi dresses, I wore a lot. Had it not been for my hair (lol’ing right now because it’s gone through quite the transformation!) I could have easily reshared any one of those outfits to my IG and it would be relevant today. These items have become my signature, and prescription for “pulling it together” the ‘Style Bungalow’ way.

  1. Cleo Tiered Midi Dress
  2. Cape Padded Metallic Leather Mules
  3. Maelie Leather Thong Sandals
  4. Alexander McQueen Puff-Sleeve Poplin Dress
  5. The Wallflowers Banana Dahlia Embroidered Puff-Sleeve Maxi Dress
  6. Rebecca Taylor Tulip Wrap Dress
  7. Floral Silk-Wide Leg Pants
  8. See be Chloe Dita Cotton Poplin Blouse
  9. Medium Macy Woven Tote
  10. Floral Poplin Bustier Tiered Midi Dress
  11. Sea Henrietta Printed Smocked Dress
  12. Jolene Strapless Top
  13. Saint Laurent Medium Panier Straw Bag
  14. Staud Sea Tiered Midi Skirt
  15. Mini Taja Rattan Top Handle Bag
  16. The Wallflowers Azafran Hedera One-Piece Swimsuit
  17. Marin Leather Sandals

So today I’ve partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue to walk you through which timeless summer staples are my foundational pieces and the one’s I’ve carried over year over year…keeping things like heat and humidity in mind as well as my new lifestyle shifts. Gone are the days I dressed up for nights out with my girlfriends every weekend; hello gardening, estate sales and perfecting the “art of the Aperitivo ” at home. I think it’s #chicAF.

Anything Cotton Poplin 

It’s one thing to search for cotton, but have you tried “cotton poplin?” I specifically look for pieces as close to 100% cotton as possible because it gets SO hot in Florida and this fabric is both breathable and stiff (so it won’t wrinkle and stick to you as badly when you get sweaty. Just ask for starch when you drop it off at the dry cleaners or machine wash and DIY). 

Click here to shop the one I’m wearing today by Staud! 

Casual Silk

I tend to feel the most beautiful and confident when I’m not fussing with an outfit. Cue: anything silk. I love how silk drapes on a woman’s body and how sexy it can be without showing too much skin. 


I can’t remember who coined the phrase, “grandmillenial” last year (basically anyone in their 20-30s who loves chinoiserie, drapery, florals, etc) but it’s a stark contrast to minimalism and mid-century design. People like Mario Buatta ‘the King of Chintz’ or places like Lee Radziwill’s Paris apartment come to mind when I think of this. (And yes, Lee’s apartment inspired mine.) 

This classic approach to interior design has spread into fashion and now botanical prints are e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Look for floral prints that mimic watercolor paintings or your backyard (hello, palms). Double points if it’s cotton poplin. 

Easy two-piece sets 

Pretty much every “it-girl” in fashion wore Khaite’s bralette and cardigan set last year. Just when I thought it was a trend, it resurfaced and came back as a staple. I wear mine with a white midi skirt and drape the cardigan around my shoulders which reminds me of eating gelato in Positano amongst the chicest Italian women who continue to inspire me.  

Basket bags

I have a tendency to beat up my bags so I almost always carry basket bags instead. These bags will never go out of style. Just look up Jane Birkin or Bridgette Bardot and you’ll see what I mean. 

Summer sandals 

Not sure what I own more of? Basket bags or chic sandals. Jimmy Choo continues to be my favorite go-to brand. Sure, it’s pricey but they’ll last forever. 

Click here to shop the ones I’m wearing by Jimmy Choo! 

Thanks for stopping by today. I promise to write more! Be on the lookout this summer… 

Xo, Stephanie 

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Dress: Staud (℅) Saks

Sandals: Jimmy Choo (℅) Saks

Bag: no name brand, but I love this one and this one

Chelsae Anne | Photography

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