Transitional Choo’s I Love Right Now

I never thought I’d be the person that says, “sorry — I can’t make it because I’m busy planning my wedding.” I envisioned myself ultra-organized with my planner neatly tucked into my Jimmy Choo tote bag. (I’m the complete opposite right now.) What I didn’t account for were all the little decisions that go into planning a wedding like, what kind of embroidery do you put on cocktail napkins, triple booked vendors and delayed passports…not to mention fluid pandemic restrictions and anxiety. What little free time I have left has gone to work and my (very neglected but *thankfully* understanding) friends and family. I now understand why couples get overwhelmed and am afraid to admit I’ve become “that person” I vowed (no pun) I would not be. 

So as we race to the finish line (or shall I say, alter), and I move in-between seasons, wardrobe changes and a very hectic schedule this month, versatility is becoming more important than ever to me. For the past three years, I’ve worked hard to curate a wardrobe that transcends seasons so I can maximize my investments and time. Quality is key, which is why I’m so excited to partner with Jimmy Choo today and share some of my favorite transitional styles available at Saks Fifth Avenue

From classic Leopard pumps to buttery smooth boots and beautiful ballerinas, here are some of the best Choo’s to invest in right now! 

  1. Liya Houndstooth Slingback Heels
  2. Bing 100 Suede & Lace Mules
  3. Gala Ballerina Point-Toe Flats
  4. Chad 90 Leather Knee-High Boots
  5. Love Leopard-Print Metallic Pumps
  6. Naidoo 90 Ankle Boots
  7. Myan 85 Leather Ankle Boots
  8. Chad 90 Leather Knee-High Boots
  9. Kix Suede Ankle Boots
  10. Gala Ballerina Point-Toe Flats
  11. Kix Suede Ankle Boots
  12. Kix Houndstooth-Print Ankle Boots

PS: If you’re in the market for a tote, I recommend this one!

Xo, Stephanie

[Thank you Saks Fifth Avenue and ShopStyle Collective for sponsoring today’s post.]

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