A look back at NYFW

BLOUSE (similar here), PANTS, ACNE BAG(c/o) MONNIER Frères

Agenda: New York City!

I remember counting 1, 2, 3, 4… blisters on my toes from (unnecessarily) wearing heels two weeks straight. I remember having hunger pains from not eating lunch and dinner (there’s like no time). I remember having the biggest bags under my eyes (and no, I’m not referring to Prada although today’s bag is worth mentioning. More on this in a second…) And I remember having the biggest smile on my face.


One Blazer, Two Ways Pt. 2

BLAZER, SILK BLOUSE (similar styles here and here), SHORTS, TENNIS SHOES (similar styles here and here), NUDE HEELS, BAG, WATCH: Nordstrom

Haaapppppppy Cyber Monday! Looking for a list of sales? Click here.

Ok, so last week I talked about investment pieces and why I splurge on items like this blazer. (Click here to read it.) I also promised to re-style it. Why? Because I know once you see this blazer again, buy it, you’ll love it forever, just as I do because it’s so versatile…


One Blazer, Two Ways Pt. 1


Trust me, I’ve been there. When I first started working in PR, my salary was a joke. I BARELY made enough to eat cover my living expenses much less go shopping. The times I shopped, I bought my clothing from fast-fashion stores or from the “affordable” department at Nordstrom (you know which one I’m talking about). Never – never – never – ever designer.

I’d skip by designer and think to myself, “one day I’ll upgrade my wardrobe… hopefully by the time I’m 30.”


Pretty Little Bears

CARDIGAN, TEE: Zara/FAUX LEATHER SKIRT: more options here

Hello, hello!

It feels like forever! Last week, I (magically) found time in my busy schedule to post to my blog. This week, not so much. Between getting sick last weekend and creating content for so many fun and exciting holi-YAY projects, I’ve fallen behind! So bear with me… #nopun

In case you’re wondering why I’m draped in the most adorable teddy bear jewelry, it’s because we’re talking about Tous today. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Tous now for about a year, creating a handful of blog posts here and there, and have loved every minute of it because it’s a jewelry brand I truly adore…


Fancy Feet

Look 1: TOP here and here, PANTS, EARRINGS/ALINA LEATHER PUMPS: (c/o) Bruno Magli

Look 2: SWEATER, SKIRT – similar, EARRINGS/AVE SUEDE PUMPS: (c/o) Bruno Magli

Ahh, November. So much merriment. So much holiday cheer. And SO many parties to attend! Which means you’ll need a good pair of shoes. Preferably festive shoes. The kind of shoes that spark conversation. The kind of shoes that make your legs look a mile long. The kind of shoes that go with the extremes – miniskirts, floor-sweeping gowns and bright green pants. What?


Party Wear Finds


If you’re looking for a few affordable pieces to carry you through the holiday season, you’re at the right place!

Today I’m sharing a new look from River Island – a look that’s perfect for holiday nights out – with pieces under $150!

Because it’s so easy to recycle the same look every holiday season – you know, a cute black dress with some old heels and earrings. Maybe with a blazer or leather jacket to keep you warm.

But this year, I challenge you to do things differently and as I say all the time, wear things that can be worn countless times. Not only will you maximize your wardrobe but you’ll look super stylish too. Oh, and save some money while you’re at it!


Not so Mellow Yellow

BLAZER: Zara, more options here/JEANS, BAG: (c/o) Shopbop/HEELS: (c/o) Eugenia Kim/BELT: vintage – similar here/NECKLACE: (c/o) BaubleBar

This week is going going going goooone!

From shoots to baseball games to coordinating upcoming projects, it seems like yesterday was Monday. And now it’s Friday.

Which means! Today I host the grand opening of Alex and Ani at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens. I’ll be there from 6 to 9PM eating all the desserts, dancing with the DJ and having fun. There will be plenty of opportunities to win goodies like free jewelry (um, yes) so arrive early! Plus, I’ll be there to answer any questions you have about fashion, style, your career, blogging, you name it!

On another important note…


Alex and Ani Event!

TEE, BELT: Anthropologie/JEANS, BAG: (c/o) Shopbop/HEELS: (c/o) Ann Taylor


It’s been two years since I’ve hosted an event in South Florida! I took a break from it to focus on creating content for the blog. Since then, so much has changed and many of you guys have asked to do a meet up. So I could not be any more excited for today’s announcement…

This Friday, Nov. 3, I’m hosting the grand opening of Alex and Ani at the Palm Beach Gardens Mall from 6-9PM! You’ll want to arrive early because the first 100 people in line will be entered to win lots of goodies including GCs valued up to $250! There will be desserts, a DJ and lots of opportunities to win other goodies like backpacks and such. 15% of the proceeds from the event will go towards rebuilding homes affected by the recent hurricanes. Oh, and I’ll be there too… to answer any questions you may have about style, fashion, career advice or blogging!


Emerging Designers


As a fashion blogger in a crowded market, I aim to be unique, to showcase my personality and to tell a story through my style. I search far and wide for inspiration sometimes in unlikely places so that I can be different… because I don’t always like “following trends.” You guys know this.

The fact is, the blogosphere is an oversaturated place, and if you want to stand out, you need to be original. When newbie bloggers ask for advice, I tell them to, “Be yourself…. you are what makes your blog unique. It’s about your outlook on the world, your creativity, the value you add…”  But all too often, bloggers (I, included from time to time) forget this and fall into the trap of blending in… Trust me, it’s a struggle!

So that’s why today’s look is one of my favorites this week because it serves as a personal reminder of why I started The Style Bungalow in the first place. To be different.