As a fashion blogger in a crowded market, I aim to be unique, to showcase my personality and to tell a story through my style. I search far and wide for inspiration sometimes in unlikely places so that I can be different… because I don’t always like “following trends.” You guys know this.

The fact is, the blogosphere is an oversaturated place, and if you want to stand out, you need to be original. When newbie bloggers ask for advice, I tell them to, “Be yourself…. you are what makes your blog unique. It’s about your outlook on the world, your creativity, the value you add…”  But all too often, bloggers (I, included from time to time) forget this and fall into the trap of blending in… Trust me, it’s a struggle!

So that’s why today’s look is one of my favorites this week because it serves as a personal reminder of why I started The Style Bungalow in the first place. To be different.