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Stephanie Hill from The Style Bungalow shares Meet My Interior Designer Danielle Rollins

We are so pleased to introduce my interior designer, Danielle Rollins. She’s the creative force behind the iconic lifestyle brand Gracious Living and Stylish Entertaining, clothing designer and author of bestselling Soirée Entertaining with Style with an inspiring online presence – see her Instagram @danielledrollins. From Atlanta, Georgia, (traveling) to Palm Beach, Florida, she naturally has a decadent approach to Southern style layered with an enticing Palm Beach charm. There’s a consistency found in each of the design selections that ties back to the overall (desired) theme from her clients; grand, but rooted in practicality. One of the greatest appeals to Danielle’s design practices is in the way she layers with substance and style and how well she embraces color, texture and patterns. Reasons why I had to have her as my interior designer! I have been so honored to work with her on my apartment and am beyond thrilled to finally share this with you…along with her design tips she’s shared with me throughout the process! 

Style Blogger Stephanie Hill from The Style Bungalow shares Meet My Interior Designer Danielle Rollins

Stephanie Hill from The Style Bungalow shares Meet My Interior Designer Danielle Rollins

Since we had so much fun getting to know Danielle, we wanted to share some of her story and our inspiration together, here, to start off my new chapter into lifestyle, home decor and interior design. We’re calling it, “At Home with The Style Bungalow.” 

Why did you start with interior design?

“I haven’t had an exactly normal career trajectory. I didn’t take the design school path or know that this would be my lifelong career. I graduated from school with an English degree…. Then, I was a stay at home mother, corporate wife and a community volunteer for 17 years…in 2011 I launched my own lifestyle brand.”

Who or what influenced you?

“I have a theory that the years when you’re young are very formative to one’s idea of glamour… no matter when it was! My grandmother was the major style influence on my life, and I thought everything she did was glamorous. She would let me buy Vogue, Bazaar and other magazines & books that were much too old for me, but I loved pouring over the images…she was also an early entrepreneurial influence in my life as well. 

I was a constant daydreamer in school, and would drift off into a world of make-believe redesigning the classrooms in my head, thinking about how the school uniform could be redesigned to look cuter! I learned to sew at an early age and created clothing for my barbies, but I also made them curtains and created furniture out of cast off objects. It’s not that far off from what I do now.”

With your constant travels and fairly busy schedule, how did you and Stephanie meet?

“We met through the 2nd Annual Kips Bay Decorator Show House in Palm Beach where I designed a room. Then, we started messaging each other via Instagram and since I started to split my time between Atlanta & Palm Beach, we were able to meet and chat about her project more –  instantly hitting it off! It’s been so rewarding to work with someone who’s so passionate and loves learning. Plus, she’s taught me SO much about social media!”

And how did you both blend your styles and arrive at design conclusions together?

“My job is to be the style whisperer…to help a client find their own style and create the backgrounds that reflect their personalities. Stephanie is a very organized and visual person, so she made the project really easy through mood boards and Pinterest pulls. As we texted back and forth images of furniture and artwork – we came across this Mecox scalloped chair and Warnicke Spoonbill print by Natural Curiosities, which set the tone and inspired the entire design.”

Stephanie Hill from The Style Bungalow shares Meet My Interior Designer Danielle Rollins

Stephanie Hill from The Style Bungalow shares Meet My Interior Designer Danielle Rollins

My Interior Designer Danielle Rollins by Stephanie Hill now on The Style Bungalow

*From Stephanie, “When I first met Danielle at Kips, I loved how her style was traditional with a twist and how she showed her personality through mixing patterns, mismatched pillows, cheeky wallpaper, bold color… you immediately get a sense for who she is when you waltz into one of her rooms. In many ways, I feel the same. I’m rooted in traditional style; I believe in buying things that last, especially if they’re expensive. I also believe in drama and glamour…just a touch! 

Danielle’s also very open minded! Upon visiting my tiny one-bedroom apartment for the first time, I invited her to “please use your imagination” without fully knowing who I was talking to. (I laugh about this now!) I will admit, I was intimidated by her background…she’s designed super-yachts, multi-million dollar homes, Kips, she’s published books…she’s a big deal…I thought, “will she understand what I need?” 

My Interior Designer Danielle Rollins by Stephanie Hill now on The Style Bungalow

She didn’t flinch at the boxes, the mismatched tiles, the banged up hardwood floors, exposed cables, my crooked kitchen cabinets (all the things that come with moving into a 1920s apartment)…or my budget. Instead she said in her Southern accent, “I can do this…easily.” 

From that moment on, Danielle taught me countless tips and tricks about interior design. And it’s been through the process of asking her questions and discovering what I gravitate towards that I have strengthened my own aesthetic. Part of the reason why this project took so long was because Danielle encouraged me to figure out a lot of things on my own, which in hindsight I’m grateful for because I learned so much. She wasn’t afraid to tell me “no… that won’t work” and send me back to the drawing board. She could have very easily put this apartment together in a few weeks but I think deep down, she wanted me to learn…and truly collaborate.” 

My Interior Designer Danielle Rollins by Stephanie Hill now on The Style Bungalow

Danielle, what do millennials need to think about when decorating their home?

“I get so annoyed having an older generation bash millennials, because I think sometimes it’s easy to forget the ‘salad days’ once you’re older and established. I love watching the millennial generation take on their lifestyles on their own terms and love when I have a chance to educate, teach and explain how to invest in their lifestyle now that will carry through with them for their lifetime.

With Stephanie, splurging on a Serena & Lily chandelier and luxury linens from Pioneer Linens was a no-brainer because it would easily have a place in her future home. And when I think of artwork, it’s something that can majorly impact a small space and personalize it, especially in a place like a rental that you can’t change. That’s why suggesting that Stephanie invests in large pieces like Spoonbill from Natural Curiosities and Wendover Art made perfect sense because they’re unique things not everyone else has and can survive the test of time.”

Stephanie Hill on The Style Bungalow shares Meet My Interior Designer Danielle Rollins

“I love my Wendover Art, though they were two massive pieces, I decided to keep one in the apartment and store the other in my fiance’s apartment as they would both be a beautiful fit in our future home!” – Stephanie

Pink or Green?


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“Buy the best and you only cry once. I’m a big believer in buying less but buying better and taking time to build a collection of things you’ll have forever rather than overnight personality – less quick fixes that you outgrow.”

Biggest interior pet peeve?

“Cheap trendy spaces that have a “look” without serving a function.”

Martini. Shaken or Stirred?

“Shaken and extra dirty.”

Best restaurant in Palm Beach?


Stay tuned for more as we share each moment and curated design of the apartment with you and be sure to follow Danielle’s busy, interior-driven life on Instagram here!

Xo, Stephanie

[Photography by Chelsae Anne Sahlman]


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