Pantene 14 Day Challenge

Change. It’s inevitable.

Whether it’s time, weather, season, personal or general – life’s pretty much full of them.

But change can be a very good thing. Like seeing one bad hair day change to more great hair days. Mhm, it’s time to flip the script! Since I’ve been using my (affordable!) favorite, Pantene, for years I realize I can count on them to counter these changes; keeping things relevant and personal when it comes to hair (it me, because they get me).


Pantene Charcoal Collection

DRESS: Marks & Spencer/EARRINGS: Shashi/SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: (c/o) Pantene

Popping in for a brief moment from all the sunning and relaxing at Cuixmala!

Even when I’m traveling (especially then) or in between running my blog, managing day-to-day activities and soaking up the inevitable sunshine from my latest tropical travels and home… it’s no secret that my hair will require some needed cleansing. So, I always like being prepared with the best. What’s my mane trick?


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