Stephanie Hill features Life As I Know It: November on The Style Bungalow

Life As I Know It: November 2020

Last night my fiancé revisited Roosevelt’s famous quote, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor,” as we talked in length about the effects of the pandemic. I injected, “No, no…that’s not how the saying goes. I think rough seas…

Life As I Know It: October 2020

Growing up I used to say, “if I had to choose between a few small homes over one big one filled with things, I’d opt for small homes in a heartbeat! And while we’re nowhere near that, we’re one step…

Lifestyle Blogger Stephanie Hill features Reviewing Rita Konig’s Create Academy Class on The Style Bungalow

Reviewing Rita Konig’s Create Academy Class

It’s no secret I’ve fallen in love with interior design since tackling my apartment project last year through the guidance of an interior designer (click here). Initially, it was challenging to make so many decisions (throw in the added pressure…

Stephanie Hill features Reformation shorts on The Style Bungalow

Life As I Know It: Embracing Changes

Talk about change.  Last month, I left behind West Palm Beach (sort of), a city I’ve lived in for the last 12+ years, and moved into our new home in Miami. Though I kept my apartment in West Palm Beach…

Stephanie Hill features Fall Thoughts: Past, Present and (Being) Patient on The Style Bungalow

Fall Thoughts: Past, Present and (Being) Patient

My mind has been jogging through parts of the past, present and interchangeably the future that I’ve lost track of time. We’ve officially moved about a month ago (more on this next week), are planning a small civil ceremony and…

Lifestyle Blogger Stephanie Hill shares Life As I Know It August 2020 edition on The Style Bungalow

Life As I Know It: August 2020

It all started roughly two years ago when my fiancé and I had “the talk.” You know the one where you discuss marriage, kids and goals? I knew, deep down, a proposal was on the horizon just not quite then….

Stephanie Hill features Life As I Know It Birthday Edition on The Style Bungalow

Life As I Know It: Birthday Edition

I started to reconsider my birthday plans around mid-June. Normally, I check into a spa for the day and mentally check out. It’s the one day out of the year where I don’t look at my bank account and just…

Stephanie Hill wears #ootd featuring Agua by Agua Bendita on The Style Bungalow

We Postponed Our Wedding

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write this story for a while now but the truth is, I haven’t been ready to face the reality of it. Things have been chaotic, flooded with lots of “What if’s?” and “We…

Stephanie Hill shares Beyond the Black Square on The Style Bungalow

“Beyond the Black Square”

I recognize that having a platform where I can openly talk to 200k+ people at any given time is a tremendous blessing and responsibility — one I don’t take lightly. The more I listened, the more I knew what I…

Stephanie Hill speaks on Journaling with Brahmin on The Style Bungalow

Journaling with Brahmin

I do one of two things when I’m stressed: move and write.  If I’m lucky, that means clutching a familiar wooden barre, easing into a stretch with my toes already wrapped and warmed up for ballet class. I love the…